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Konu: DipTrace 3.1 Beta Freeware (680 Kez okunmuş) önceki konu - sonraki konu

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DipTrace 3.1 Beta Freeware
Version 3.1 Beta (13 Mart 2017)
- Length matching rules.
- Real-time Length Comparison table.
- Layer Stackup table.
- Using Layer Stackup and Pad Signal Delay for trace length and differential pair phase calculation.
- Align objects.
- Switching measurement units with a shortcut in any dialog window (Shift+U by default).
- Hotkeys for selecting sheets in Schematic and for the Measure tool in Pattern Editor.
- Moving all selected trace segments simultaneously (bus editing).
- Permanent Net Highlight option.
- Altium ASCII Import (Schematic, PCB, libraries).
- Eagle XML Import (Schematic, PCB, libraries).
- 11100 new components and 345 new patterns.
- 1120 new 3D models.